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Site Clearance and Forestry in Norfolk and Suffolk


Revitalise your pond


Ponds and lakes can become full of silt and vegetation. This in turn drives away or kills the wildlife due to stagnant water. Cleaning the pond can restore and revitalise the pond ecosystem.

Removing the sediment and sludge from ponds is key to improving your pond's appearance and even increasing the wealth of biodiversity within the pond.


What it can it do?


Cleaning a pond can also:

- Contribute to healthier water

- Reduce the levels of toxic gases

- Reduce algae

- Reduce weeds

Constructing a pond creates habitats for wildlife such as birds, frogs and toads. They provide a home, breeding ground and food for them.

Ditch clearing


Similarly, if you're looking for ditch clearing services, we also provide a professional ditch clearing and maintenance service to remove debris and sediment. Our capable range of forestry machines make us uniquely efficient. Click here to find out more about our range of forestry machines.

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Pond dredging and construction in Suffolk
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