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Site Clearance and Forestry in Norfolk and Suffolk


Tractor forestry site clearance Suffolk
Biomass Chipping Forestry Suffolk

Whether trees, stumps or overgrown vegetation, we can provide all kinds of forestry clearing and site clearance services. Perfect for commercial and domestic purposes.

We use sustainably sourced and locally grown timber to produce top quality whole trees G30 spec biomass wood chip. Great for holding retaining moisture and warmth in your vegetation, and a natural weed blocking solution.

Tree Shearing Site Clearance Suffolk
Forestry Mulching Suffolk

The management of mature trees can involve inspection, shearing, pruning, or felling. Sibton Abbey Contracting can extend our tree surgery expertise from one tree to a whole woodland.

This method is used for clearing land, creating right-of-ways, vegetation management, wildlife restoration and invasive species control. Our forestry machines can tackle various terrains, densities and type of vegetation.

Woodland Site Clearance Suffolk
Pond dredging Suffolk

Thinning, felling, extracting and replanting are essential to maintain the health and profitability of a woods. We can also assist in management plans and felling license applications. 

Ponds and lakes can become full of silt and vegetation. This in turn drives away or kills the wildlife due to stagnant water. Cleaning the pond can restore and revitalise the pond ecosystem 

Ditch site clearing Suffolk

Ditch clearing is an important part of keeping the field drainage system running. Laser levels along with an experienced operator can help get water flowing again. A flowing ditch allows optimum conditions for crop growth and the health of livestock.


We have a wide range of new and used forestry machines and other equipment for sale or rent. If you are interested in a DIY solution to your forestry concerns, we would be pleased to supply you.

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