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Site Clearance and Forestry in Norfolk and Suffolk


Tree surgery is a catch-all term for the management of mature trees. Regular inspection will bring problems to light before intervention is required, however if a tree is very old or suffering from disease, it may require treatment.  


Inspection, assessment and treatment require knowledge of the physiology of each tree species as well as the environment in which it is located. Sibton Abbey Contracting will consider all of these factors as well as the customer's requirements before beginning work.

Some techniques commonly employed are:

  • Cable bracing

  • Pollarding

  • Formative and cultural pruning

  • Crown reduction pruning

  • Crown thinning


Safe and efficient

Whenever possible, using shears is more efficient, less disruptive, and safer than machinery. With a capacity of 400mm, hedge and tree removal is fast and effective.

When do trees need shearing?


Shearing is usually done when trees are 4 to 6 feet high, for spruce and fir, or 3 feet high, for pines. Shearing is a common choice for maintaining a landscape you desire.

Our tree shearing service can be used alongside our other services to:

- Dispose of trimmings

- Increase appeal of landscape

- Safely manage your woodland

We pride ourselves on a holistic approach to our work. In addition to our technical expertise, we always finish a job by tidying and clearing the work site so that the tree work can be fairly appraised. The job is not finished until the customer is satisfied. 

Contact us today for a non-committal discussion about your requirements.

Tree shearing service Suffolk, fast and safe
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